What to Wear when Remodeling?

Are you touching up your home?

If you are touching up your home as many people do during the summer, then chances are you might want to wear clothes that aren’t going to get dirty. While that is, of course, a solid choice, we have a few additional tips that might help you make sense of your remodeling fashion sense.
The most significant aspect of what to wear when remodeling falls on utility. You want to be comfortable and safe (loose fabrics means potential trips), but you also want to have some reference areas (and I’m talking about a belt that has more room than just a hammer in the belt.

What to wear when remodeling

Old Clothes

First things first, you want to wear some old clothes or clothes you don’t care about. When you are blasting out drywall is not the time to show off that you shop at Armani.

Tool Belt

A tool belt is the contractors best friend, and it should be yours. You don’t need to do anything fancy, but I would keep the necessary screwdrivers, a hammer, and maybe some others depending on the job (hex keys, etc)

Slip Free Shoes with Anti-Fatigue Soles

This one is the biggest deal to me. I swear the easiest way to get injured when working on constrctuoion or renovation is when you lose your footing or over extend. Make sure you get a good pair of shoes that will grip when you need it too and throw the extra 10-15 for some really good heavy duty in-soles.

Keep a bandana spare

Not just for flair, Bandanas can help with sweat on your brow and rocks in your mouth.

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