The best way to clean a hardwood floors

Is your hardwood floor giving you problems?

You don’t have to be a hardwood floor owner for only a few days to not feel the creeping worry that goes with maintaining it. Hardwood floors are perfect if you want to have better air quality and reduce the amount of dust or humidity a room is giving off, but that comes with a steep cost.
Ultimately, the upkeep on hardwood floors is arguably easier than for carpeted floors, but not by much. You should be keeping them wiped down daily to weekly and you should give them a solid deep clean at least once a month if not more. But are you using the right materials or methods to ensure the longevity of your floor?

Steps to cleaning a hardwood floor

Regularly Dust and Sweep

Every week, at the least, you should be sweeping and dusting the floor. You don’t want to do anything with super firm bristles; you want to make sure that there aren’t going to be any micro abrasions from frequent usage. 

Not So Regularly Mop

Mop at least once a month, definitely after a sweep of course. If you want to play it extra safe, a Swiffer is a fine option and alternative, otherwise, you want a mop with microfiber pads if possible.

Tips for Deep Cleaning a Hardwood Floor

Stay away from Acid

Besides the obvious acid, you want to stay away from acidic cleaners. Vinegar may work for tile and grout but it can do long-term damage to the hard wood floor in just a few usage.

Polish Bi-Annually at the least

You want to polish your floors every six months at the latest. This is good more-so for the finish of the wood and not the wood itself, I would definitely recommend watching your step when you are finished.

Mats and Pads where Necessary

Finally, make sure you have pads on the bottom of your furniture with legs and pads where there’s frequent scuffing.

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